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    Nature Reclaims All by *SteTheStampede

    I took this photograph when walking around  华清池 - Hauqingchi (Hauqing Hot Springs). I really love how a part of the building was being slowly eaten by ivy - and more so how in this shot, it looks like nature is reclaiming the land again. 

    Haunqingchi is a truly magical place to walk around, if you ever find yourself in Xi’An, China, I recommend taking the bus to visit it. 

    This photograph on the most part is completely un-edited, I had to do some colour correction due to the smog of Xi’An, but otherwise it’s un edited.

    Taken with my Nikon D3000 and edited in Aperture.

    Edits: Minor colour correct due to the smog.

    Huaqingchi by *SteTheStampede

    During the last week of my stay in Xi’an, I visited the 华清池 - Hauqingchi (Hauqing Hot Springs)

    It’s an incredibly old and important hot springs in Xi’an, most recently being the location of the Xi’an Incident (google it if you’ve never heard of it)

    I’m not 100% sure what building this way in Hauqingchi so if you know, please let me know .

    Taken on my Nikon D3000 and edited slightly in Aperture.
    Contrast heightened slightly and vignette added.

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