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    Millie’s new hat. I love my #dog


    Me when i see a piano.

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    Basically my view right now. #cat #dog #Avatar

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    As you all may know, 3 months ago I moved to Xi’an, Shaanxi, China. Every time I spoke to my parents via FaceTime they would always comment on my dog, Millie, who had become depressed and mopey. 

    I returned home to England to this welcome from her.

    Just reblogging this because I love my dog so much that she breaks my heart :)

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    Belle be Happy by *SteTheStampede

    Meet Belle, my Nan’s rescue dog. Snapped this one (amongst more that I will put up at some point)

    I got this particular photograph framed for my nan’s 80th, she loved it almost as much as the real thing haha.

    Contemplative by *SteTheStampede

    My dog was chilling out on the sofa, as per usual, I grabbed this photograph of her. I’m really pleased with it and love the expression in her eyes. She’s my little angle.

    Hopeful Millie by *SteTheStampede

    Got this shot of my dog, Millie, a few weeks ago while she looked hopefully up at the donut I was eating. (She loves donuts.)

    Desaturated the photograph but left in the colour of her eyes and collar… not that it matters that much as she’s black and white anyway.

    Used my Canon D3000 and Aperture.

    Nice day out for Millie, seems like she enjoy watching the little bit of the march, and terrorising Joe at his flat :) (Taken with Instagram)

    Millie’s big #gay day out. #liverpoolpride #gaypride (Taken with Instagram)

    No rest for the wicked. #dog #pet #instagram (Taken with Instagram at 26 Highfield)

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