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    Decided to try out the Camera+ iPhone app. The nearest thing to me is my beautiful doggy, Milly, sleeping.

    So this is a trimmed down version of what I have as my Facebook timeline cover photograph. Really like it so thought I’d share it here too.

    You can’t trust a Malfoy

    Took this photo a while ago in a fancy dress shop - proves the existence of Pedo Bear

    Sleepy Tibbs (Taken with instagram)

    Retro Rainbow Pattern

    Here’s a patter I created some time ago. Posting it here if anyone would like to spruce up their desktops with a cheerful pattern. You can download the pattern image here.

    Hogwarts: A History Logograms Tales Of Beedle The Bard Ancient Runes

    Just a few images I made for a project me and some very good friends are working on.

    Hope you like them.

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