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    Pixel Teacup.

    So I’ve started working as a freelance designer, and I really liked the name Pixel Teacup. So this is the first draft of my logo. What do you think?

    Merseyside LGBT logo re-design by *SteTheStampede

    A logo I designed for the Merseyside LGBT Non-Scene social group, that can be found here and here

    Any Feedback would be muchly appreciated.

    This actually happened on my facebook. First popped it up on my memebase account, SteTheStampede

    Retro Rainbow Pattern

    Here’s a patter I created some time ago. Posting it here if anyone would like to spruce up their desktops with a cheerful pattern. You can download the pattern image here.

    Hogwarts: A History Logograms Tales Of Beedle The Bard Ancient Runes

    Just a few images I made for a project me and some very good friends are working on.

    Hope you like them.

    Friend [frend]

    –noun 1. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.

    Just been searching through my old illustrations and found this one of a friend of mine, Lola - otherwise known as ‘Tammy Bubblegum-Pop!”

    I think my favourite part of this picture is her eye and the colours used in her hair. Still rather proud of it :)

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