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    HuaShan Mountain, Shaanxi, China! Have you got the guts to walk along here?? 

    Check out this and our Xi’an Guide here.

    Teach and travel in China!

    Yum Yum by *SteTheStampede

    This is a picture I got of my friend Yanzi one afternoon when her, myself and Steven (my friend and her boyfriend) went for Ice-Cream. She was eating her way through an Ice-cream Sunday when I snapped this picture of her, I’m really pleased with the way it turned out as she looks incredibly happy.

    The only editing I have done to this picture was a slight cropping and changed the red curve of the image to give it that pink hue.

    Alone by *SteTheStampede

    Down by the River on Xianning Dong Lu, near where I lived in Xi’an, China, I spotted this girl sat all by her self staring into the water.

    I want to hold your hand. by *SteTheStampede

    Took a walk down to the river with my camera one afternoon, when I was living in Xi’an. Got lots of really nice shots from that little trip but this is one of my favourites.

    The couple didn’t know I was taking their picture, and I just think they looked really sweet together.

    The ‘river’ was a series of large water reservoirs that had a gap allowing the water to flow into the next area. It was this gap that the boy was helping the girl cross.

    A ‘from-the-hip’ shot I took while walking around my local fruit and veg market, near where I lived in Xi’an, China.

    I know I’ve uploaded this image previously, but I’ve edited it since then and it’s now in Black & White, which I much prefer over the colour version.

    Content source if my, newly resurrected, DeviantArt account.

    Myself, and three of the other English teachers, Steven, John and Richard were asked to attend and judge Jingwei Junior School’s English Speaking Competition. This was one of the mini performances done by some of the youngest at the school.. it’s adorable to say the least. (and oddly catchy)

    (Taken with

    Packed (Taken with instagram)

    Warriors (Taken with instagram)

    Hauqing Palace (Taken with instagram)

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    How rude! (Taken with instagram)

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