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    The then 17 year old me. The now 27 year old me.

    Then & Now for Transformation tuesday. 

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    Scouse ‘n’ proud! 😃
    #Liverpool #Merseyside #home #me #mybest #holiday #travel #vacation
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    Joe grabbed this one of #me … Oh how I miss #Cancun #selfie #gay

    Not uploaded one of these in a while

    Me and Joe went for drinks a few weeks ago and he snapped this photo of me. I like my face here, I like the beer more though.

    I’m in work, had my hair cut today. Really frikkin bored and realised it’s been a long time since I uploaded a selfie, so here you go my wonderful (soon to be ex) followers - my beautifully hideous face :) Also, I need to shave.

    So after 1 year here is my (not-so everyday) Everyday Video :) watch out for the creep-ins that are @Joypadjoe

    Well it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a pic of myself so here you go. Ya filthy animals can stop asking me for new ones now :)

    Taken during a staff night out when I was slightly intoxicated… with bad hair

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    last gpoy for the night. I love this photograph of me and Joe :) He’s such a little cutie and never fails to brighten up my day. xoxo 

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